The reason why my hair is not long?


Long hair has always been desired by most women. Although some women have hair that grows quickly and easily, others may find that to grow a few inches; their hair often takes months or even years. Although hair extensions are always the choice for those who want to improve their hair immediately, it is always best to learn good hair habits to make your hair grow faster. We will answer all your questions about why your hair will not grow, continue reading.

Why is my hair not long?

My hair is not longFirst, let’s talk about the reasons why the hair does not grow before hair growth techniques. Did you know that hair grows an average of half an inch every month? This means that the average person’s hair grows about 6 inches per year. However, if your hair does not get the thin layer chromatography it deserves, or if you have picked up some bad hair habits, it may fall off at the end and start growing from the root. This means that the hair stays at the same length and can’t be long until you change your hair habits.

Excessive processing damage to hair

My hair is not longColoring, perming, relaxing, and highlighting hair are all chemical processes that can cause damage to hair, break it and slow down hair growth. Exposing your hair to chemicals will deprive it of its natural oils, and synthetic dyes will elevate the epidermis and damage the hair tress. In short, a healthy cuticle will lie flat, making the hair look smooth and shiny, and lifting the damaged cuticle will cause the hair to become dark, brittle, and curly. Eventually, excessive treatment leads to split ends and breaks, preventing hair from growing.

Curl or straighten wet hair

My hair is not longYour hairstylist at the salon has a reason to comb your hair before curling or straightening it. That’s because wet hair is more vulnerable than dry hair. Have you ever straightened your wet hair and only heard “pop” and “hiss”? That is the sound of water and heat contact, literally blowing your precious hair!

Over-washing your hair

Washing your hair every day can remove dirt and buildup. Error! In fact, over-washing your hair is the culprit that causes dry and damaged hair. The natural oils produced by the scalp are essential for the health of the hair and scalp. By washing your hair every day, you are stripping your hair from these natural oils and drying your hair.

Excessive brushing of hair

Are you starting to notice a pattern? Too many good things can cause damage and breakage. Just like over-shampooing, combing too much hair will produce continuous friction, which will cause the hair to break and weaken the tress, thus preventing the hair from growing faster.

Brush your hair from top to bottom

When combing your hair, you can naturally start to sweep the roots down, but if your hair is tangled easily, it will only make the tangles worse. Instead, start combing your hair from the bottom and gradually knot it upwards—brush hair extensions in the same way to avoid excessive hair loss or shedding.

Too much hot styling

The extremely high heat applied to the hair is the main reason for drying the tress, causing damaged hair to no longer to grow. A consistent heat setting will result in the formation of splits and accelerated fracture. Before picking up curling irons, hair straighteners, or even hairdryers, remember that all these tools will affect hair growth in the long run.

Actively handle hair

From towel drying to tight ponytail sleep, regular hair treatment can have a positive or negative effect on the length of the hair. When using rough cotton towels on fragile wet hair, or even using bare elastic bands instead of soft hair bands, This may happen.

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