Some time or a-not-her: Day 43 or Day 15 or Day 120

The Day Button and Zero were Created
By myself but with the intention of giving the text to Mr. Anderson

narrated in the style of Koh Birdy (sadly)

The day was soft spoken; the sun shone a pale yellow light to start, which lead naturally into a washed out white flash for most of the afternoon. As for myself I sat on a porch pondering the meaning of sand. At just the moment before realization two personalities jumped in my head. One of a short little pig named Zero who is the color of foreskin and as cuddly as a pug. The second of a used jacket button, who went aptly by the name of Button. She was the hue of the moon at half mass with four gentle holes that poked through her so that you could see if the sun shone on the other side of the world.

The story invented is that Button and Zero met when they were the tiniest of size. As they grew in tender years so did their love. It actually had surprising strength and spread easily as the weeds in the month of May. After a short season they married and moved to a little town named Noth!ng. There they owned a small shoebox condo in a building that yawned up to the sky much the same way the tower of Babel did in the Bible. Each worked dutifully at their job like grateful social servants. Button worked in marketing and Zero nestled in the satisfying job of administrative assistant work.

Like the intention of a daily pill to solve anxiety, their lives were filled with simple comprehensible patterns; each day had its designated duties. The workdays were given to their jobs. Monday night gave way to laundry, Tuesday thru Thursday to American Idol or like TV given the sunís directional pitch, Friday a romantic dinner and a movie, Saturday chores that needed attended to (at night Zero would get rather red with 11 Tiger Whisky) and finally on Sunday a quick blessing at their church Godís Hand with an afternoon filled with consumption at various shops and restaurants.

Life was absolutely delightful for both Button and Zero; simple and rhythmic like the gentle waves of the ocean.